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meet your massage therapist

Lotachi Izuchi-Johnson has been a Massage therapist since 2013. She holds numerous certifications, including  Medical Massage, Pre- & Perinatal Massage, and Oncology Massage. She is currently training as a Certified Yoga Teacher with Yoga Renew Teacher Training, and as a Childbirth Educator with Childbirth International. Lotachi offers an Integrative style of massage therapy and specializes in pain relief and pregnancy. Her focus is centered on working with people who have sciatica, chronic low back and pain and those with high risk pregnancies. Lotachi has been involved in birth work since 2012, and currently is providing pre- and perinatal massage, lactation counseling, and  infant massage education.


She was drawn to massage therapy because she knew that there had to be alternative ways of addressing pain and other stressed based health issues in addition to pharmaceutical drugs. Having received message therapy to successfully help her own health issues, she knew this was the right direction for her to take. She began to study pregnancy support, aromatherapy, and ultimately attended massage therapy school.  This career path has been incredibly rewarding, and life changing. 


Lotachi is continuously taking continuing education courses to learn new skills, and to stay up to date with the exciting new discoveries in pain science and pregnancy support.

why choose ubuntu

The word Ubuntu is a Zulu  word loosely meaning humanity, compassion, and mutual respect. That’s the philosophy on which Ubuntu Massage was created. No one is perfect, and no one feels good all the time. We all experience pain and discomfort to some degree, and we all deserve empathy, compassion, and help. 


At Ubuntu Massage we're here to help you deal with that.

We understand how stress, pain, and reduced movement capabilities can reduce quality of life. Medical Massage Therapy can reduce and even eliminate chronic and acute pain in the body. We want to help you be your best self, and want to make it as easy as possible.

what we offer

We only invest in the best for our clients’ safety and health. The best equipment, chairs, tables and all natural custom crafted oils, lotions, and creams. And all therapists that work with Ubuntu are trained, licensed and insured. We also accept HAS/FSA cards.


We take the time to get know you, learn your problem areas, and provide you with a treatment plans for your goals.  We pay attention to detail and always deliver exceptional customer service. 

Schedule an appointment today and feel the difference in your mind and body from a therapeutic massage from therapists who are not only know what we’re doing, but believe in what we do.